These aren't too many yet, so come on, help us find find more BBS-related websites!

http://www.zork.nu/archive with some nice scenestuff from 1996 and older and proboard/RA/GS-Mailbox mods
http://bbsintros.vantage.chawesome collection of bbs ads
http://come.to/BBS_LinksBBS Scene Links Collective
http://archives.thebbs.orgBBS Archives - Great collection of BBS-related news
http://www.pouet.netVery nice website about the demoscene, its releases, parties, groups and members.
http://www.demonic.netdemonic productions - Underground modding group, still active, lots of useful links and nice releases
http://www.scoopex.orgAustrian Demogroup from 1988
http://www.tecs.deTornado BBS (since 1984)