y2k Glitches:

Good news is that PC Board is 99.9% y2k proof. In fact everything is ok but the
years in DOWNLOAD.TXT (file transfer logfile) are 1900 instead of 2000 and the
PPL statement U_LDir() returns odd values (01-01-00 turns into 09-16-73). The
popular filebase manager PFED uses bad routines to sort files by date and that
is why files from 00 are the oldest ones you can have. No real trouble here.

Y2K+1 seems to be no issue for any BBS-system that survived Y2K. Sorting files by date
in PFED is now even more confusing (2000, 2001, 2002, ..., 1998, 1999), but who cares?

collected y2k Fixes from various sources:

DLTXTFIX.ZIP 7kThis Is DOS Utility To Fix The Y2K Bug In PCBoard's
DOWNLOAD.TXT file. This Program is FREEWARE.
EVENTFIX.TXT1khow to patch your PCBoard to run events again
FIXUUCP.ZIP109kFIXUUCP - Corrects the "broken" date header
that PCBoard's UUOUT creates when exporting
message by converting a 2-digit year to a
4-digit year. Reassembles file attachments
that UUOUT breaks into 64k pieces. Can
optionally repair the broken date headers
that NetXpress UUCP/SMTP creates. DOS,
OS/2, and Win9x executables included.
*** FREEWARE ***

Additions welcome to badpeon (at) underground-empire.de!