TWA User-Meeting-Door v6.66


Some BBSes have more or less regular user meetings which enhances the feeling of the BBS a great deal. To make it easier to organize those we made a PPE where users can register for the next meeting, see who else is coming and read some information about the next meeting. For shy users there is an anonymous-feature and for big brothers (aka sysops) there is an anonymous-override feature.

Although the default setup is in german language it should be no problem to reconfigure it to any language.

This PPE was coded with Novastorm's Remote Access Door (and its ANSI) in mind. Although we were allowed by the original coder himself (x-trem) to release this months before a single line of code was written we were flamed for "ripping" Novastorm by himself and some others. Things cleaned up in the meanwhile.

This is what it looks like (ANSI by Novastorm, used with (!?) permission):

Click here to download the release.

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