UE!Free v1.0

A PPE BY Bad Peon

This PPE is something way different. It deals with the problem of lacking RAM due to RAM fragmention after exiting "dirty" coded oder nested recrusive PPEs like e.g. the SOC Login. You may have noticed that you get more free RAM in PC Board if you directly jump into main instead of doing a full login through all the PPEs in your login. It appears that memory becomes fragmented and therefore can't be made available to other PPEs by PC Board. But when you start a door PC Board will shell out to DOS and clear a whole lot of memory. In the process of leaving the door and re-entering PC Board, memory that once was blocked can be used again. So all this PPE does is check available RAM in PC Board and shell to a mini-door (just a batch file that does nothing) in case it's below a certain value. This is a pretty dirty trick but it works. Espacially if you are using Fossil drivers or even need ISDN modem emulation such as CFOS you basically suffer a great lack of low memory and PC Board sadly doesn't know anything beyond 640k.

Note that you will never have more free memory in PC Board than you had before when you jumped directly into main! But you will get that amount of RAM for all your users that need to undergo your login. Try it. No, it is not a Windows95-type memory compression piece of shit. At least you're not paying anything for it, do you?

Greetings to all upright PCB sysops running OS/2 that don't really know what 640k stands for ;)

There are no screenshots here because you won't see anything from this PPE.

Click here to download the release.

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