UE!DISKTAG v1.0 - Norton Commander for PC Board

A PPE BY Bad Peon

This PPE is a fully featured Norton Commander-type remote disk access utility. It allows changeing of disk drives and directories up and down, file flagging for download, viewing, moving, deleting, copying, zip-viewing (requires PKUNZIP.EXE) and viewing of files in ZIPs (PKUNZIP.EXE needed). It also supports deleting of directories (using DELTREE.EXE), 4 DOS file DESCRIPT.IONs and displays long Win95 filenames but sadly can't handle them.

It uses several user access levels to restrict access to certain drives and to prevent the use of critical disk operations (copying, moving, deleting). Users are not determined by their userlevel, but by their name, since you generally do not want anybody to look at your disks' structures, programs and documents.

There also is a "function key call" mode that allows only local keyboard input and does not care about access restriction in other terms. This is mode to prevent users from hacking your system while you were so kind to flag them some files using UE!Disktag.


This PPE does not do directory reading itself, but has the job done using a replacement .EXE to the DOS-comannd DIR called D.EXE. It must be located in your system's PATH enviroment variable. This was not mentioned in the documentation but it was a topic in the later anniversary release of Underground Empire UE-00200.ZIP.

Click here to download the release.

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