UE Userlister v1.2 for UE User Info System

A PPE BY Bad Peon

Note: You'll need UE-00176.ZIP (UE User Info System v1.0) to use this PPE! You won't be able to use this PPE without it!

This PPE is a nice little userlister that requires the UE User Info System. Therefore, it will display all common statistics, plus ULBY signatures, player names from TEOS, LORD, LORD 2 and Jedi Knights (the online game) and the six personal User Info System questions (e-mail address and so on). This PPE also comes with a nice and handy search function that will find basically anything that can be found. It will search for anything (username, ULBY signature, player names AND parts of those data fields!)

Click here to download the release.
Click here to download the UE User Info System of here for info on it.

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