UE!WHO v2.1

A PPE BY Bad Peon

This might be greatest PPE i ever released, so you might find this site a little pathetic. Well. Shit happens.

First of all, this PPE doen't simply reprint all data fields every 10 secounds or something like all other Who-replacements around do. It re-reads all data fields quite often (default value is 3 times per secounds) but will only reprint those fields that actually change. That way you can trace what other users are doing in realtime (really close to it!).

Next thing: It supports the User Info System. Click here if you don't know what the hell this is, you moron. If you're too lazy or offended (don't sue me), this might give you an idea:

Among many other features (some already mentioned) that make this PPE the best Who-replacement aroud, configurability is one of the most amazing. Nothing is impossible. There is no ANSI that was made for any Who-replacement that cannot be used with this PPE without losses. See it yourself.

Note: These are NOT just the ANSIs captured from within the paint utility but screenshots of the PPE running just like you'd see it on your own board.

This is the default ANSI setup:

Hando (sysop of the now offline scene board Iced Earth) modified it to match his icy BBS color setup (used with permission):

Poldi^SAC was so nice to draw this one exclusivly for us:

This ANSI by Roy^SAC was taken from Peanuts' WHO PPE (used with permission):

This ANSI by Roy^SAC was taken from one of SAC's art packages (used with permission):

This ANSI by Overdoze was taken from KRYN's WHO PPE:

Nts has drawn this one exclusivly for us:

This AMI/X approach was done by myself as a tribute to those AMI/X boards still out there and to the old Amiga days in general:

Soing (sysop of the scene board Morales) gave us his setup when he decided to go offline (he's come back online btw):

All ANSIs but the last one are included in the release of UE!Who v2.1. One of them should really fit your boards style. Simply click here to download the complete release with everything you need to run, install, config and customize the PPE plus EIGHT different preconfigured ANSI-setups included!

This site was created by Bad Peon of Underground Empire.

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